LarryKingsSuspenders (stonefinder) wrote in botox_boy,

Axl has really gone over the deep end

Dear Lord -

Please, I beg you, let this turn out to be a photoshop job!


Gansta rapper. Maybe his issue with Slash is not any past history they might have together. Maybe it's not due to anything related to our own personal, perverted fantasies. Maybe it is because he's jealous. Slash is half-black and Axl? Is an Indiana white boy no matter how much he tries to tan.

Lookit the ring! The fucking jacket! WTF??? He's gone mad, I tell you, stark, raving bonkers! And he's never forgiven himself for not having a bit of heritage to make it all come together, and make it any less of a joke.

Axl, Axl, baby, listen to me! This kind of thing would be bad enough if you were fifteen! At forty-four, dude, it's fucking pathetic! You ain't impressing anyone with this shit. In fact, chances are, you are alienating your audience even more! Stop it. Just fucking stop it!

This is so sickening I can't even make fun of it. Please, say it isn't so! Please God! Let it be a Photoshop!!!

Though the source had no reason to believe so, and states they got it from someone they consider reliable. Whether or not they are reliable, who knows?
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