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Uh oh! Watch out, Axl!

Looks like Tony Soprano wants to do the world a favor and have you wacked!

Po'Axl, so clueless...

I see he still has his unique sense of fashion and color! Maybe he's getting a report on Scott Weiland's response to his own rather embarrassing public episode? Or maybe he's disappointed that he has yet again failed to get a rise from his Machiavellian opponent, teh EbIl OveRlord and ManiuPulat0rz, his own personal Satan, He Who Should Not Be Named...Lord Slashimort.

Axl's been spending a lot of time in New York lately. I wonder if he is considering leaving Malibu for a more private, don't give a fuck who you are attitude? Northern Westchester is quite popular among the Hollywood crowd. In any case, he doesn't seem to be having a very easy time time wherever he goes.

For the link phobic -- this from Blabbermouth:

AXL ROSE Storms Out Of NYC Club After Eye-Closing Fan Encounter - Mar. 12, 2006
The New York Post's "Page Six" column ran the following item in its March 12, 2006 edition:

"The fascinatingly mercurial GUNS N' ROSES frontman [Axl Rose] fled club Stereo late Thursday night after a drunken fan inadvertently spat in his eye. Axl, sporting braids in a ponytail and looking puffy in a white sweater, was tolerating the sloppy dude's boozy line of questioning until some spittle landed on his contacts. 'Axl started yelling, 'My [bleep]ing eyes! My contacts,' reports our spywitness. 'He became irate. He ran out of the club with one eye closed and knocked over Stephon Marbury on his way out the door. He left his whole entourage behind.' The eye-closing experience was the final stop of the night for the easily enraged Rose."

Heh heh heh. I hope he moves to Bedford. I shall enjoy blasting Appetite for Destruction and Contraband whenever I drive past his house. Hell, I might even have a mural painted nearby, a great big, huge picture of Slash just where he's guaranteed to see it ever morning when he wakes up. With quotes. After all, he's got to keep up on what Lord Slashimort is saying about him behind his back, right?
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