LarryKingsSuspenders (stonefinder) wrote in botox_boy,

Look! Up in the sky!

It's a skank!! It's a crackwhore! No!! It's a Duff Tranny!!!

Duff: Dude, are you fucking kidding me? I'm way prettier then that! What kind of crack is that asshole on?
Slash: It's Axl, man.
Duff: .....
Slash: Enough said.
Duff: In the pocket, man, in the pocket.

In other news, Botox Boy was recently spotted in New York City. Rumor has it that he celebrated his birthday with a bevy of beauties....

Could Botox Boy have finally found a new boy toy who would overlook his plasticized face straight through to his bank account? Excellent job, BB! You da'Man!

Still, it must be gratifying to know that you still have whatever it is that encourages underage skanks in training to stick their tongues out at you. How very frustrating! Just when you wanted to hit that cute litte Latino boy standing over by the telephones...pretty one, ain't he? *sigh*

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